press article “Der Landbote” Switzerland

1st March 2019 – press article in “Der Landbote” – “Liebeslieder von nebenan.” (German)

press article “Journal Anzeiger von Uster” Switzerland

18th April 2006 press article in Journal Anzeiger von Uster Switzerland (PDF)
Rolf W. Kunz / Composer & Alex Eugster / Producer



popular melodies – Musikwelle 531

To the player of SRF3

Victory in the public hit parade

Victory in the public hit parade of the broadcast station  MW531 (SRF1), within the Christmas week  52 / 2011.

Interview: Radio DRS Musikwelle MW531 (Zürich) 9th April 1998

Partial Interview: Radio MUNOT (Schaffhausen) 13th January 1997

Interview: Radio ARGOVIA (Brugg), 20th December 1996

Interview: Radio EULACH (Winterthur) 29th of mai 1990