Claus-Dieter Zimmer

Claus-Dieter Zimmer is, for me and my music, the successor of my uncle Ernst.

Claus-Dieter and I have been working together since  1991. I have not only discovered a valuable person, but also an ingenious musician and orchestral arranger. With regard to my melodies, he is very sensitive and always manages to slip a wonderful musical accompaniment over them.  Together we have developed a timeless, exalted and entertaining music, recognised world wide as unique and exquisite. Together with Claus-Dieter I made further CD’s.  CD3 / “PIANO FOR LOVERS“ (1996), CD 4 / „PIANO DIAMONDS“ (2006) and  CD 7 / „PIANO SOUL EMOTIONS“ (2012), all for a large orchestra with a truly real and professional melodious sound.

These compositions for piano and orchestra are a symbol of absolute music enjoyment, enchanting with light classic and sacred profoundness. A dream.

Further productions will follow in the near future.

Claus-Dieter Zimmer is the musical director as well as the composer, arranger and conductor of this australian choir.