Rolf W. Kunz

Rolf W. Kunz

I am a Swiss melody writer and I am producing light classical entertainment- music for Piano & Orchestra.

I grew up in Uster, in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland/ (Europe), together with a neighbourly group of healthy children. I had caring parents and nothing but football on my mind.
My father was a very talented musician (Trombone / Saxophone / Clarinet). I began with piano lessons at ten years of age and at the age of seventeen I began to take music more intensely and seriously. However, my love of music did not deter me from playing football, which I still do today. At the age of twenty-one I decided to increase my musical knowledge, piano and music theory and study music harmony with my uncle, Erwin Ernst Kunz, professional musician, having worked with the symphonic Tonhalle Orchestra in Zurich (Switzerland), composer and musicologist. He was carrying out also a lot of other musical activities in his musical life. I always played the piano for my own enjoyment. Sometimes I accompany professional musicians (Violin, Flute or Singers) on the piano. However in 1988, I began writing my own melodies down. Since 1990 I have written enough material to enable me to produce several albums of light music, for piano and professional orchestra (strings, brass, percussion, guitar etc.).

The first two instrumental productions (VOL 1 and VOL 2) were orchestrated by Erwin Ernst Kunz, Zurich and the musicians were members of the Opera House Zurich/Switzerland, (today: Philharmonia Zürich) and musicians of the former DRS- Big- Band, Zurich/Switzerland.

The 3rd., 4th. and 7th. productions (Vol.3, Vol.4 and Vol. 7) were orchestrated by the professional german musician Claus-Dieter Zimmer. The albums 5 and 6 (Vol. 5 and Vol. 6) are a mixture of various titles from the first four productions.

All my albums consist of timeless light music, dreamy melodies, sometimes decorated with driving dances e.g.: Boogie Woogie, Swing, Tango, Bossa-Nova, Rumba etc.

The seventh album (VOL 7) was finalised in 2012.

Here the music lover will hear pure instrumental music, light classical and at the same time demanding, full of depth and feeling, rewarding and satisfactory. The melodies, which I composed, are played on the piano by myself and recorded in the music studio Eugster Music, CH-RECORDS, CH-8600 Duebendorf / Switzerland, sound engineer Alex Eugster (in Switzerland the famous ex Trio Eugster, Switzerland).

During the coming years new projects and albums from Claus-Dieter Zimmer and myself will be developed.

Rolf W. Kunz