TBS Radio Tokyo

Musical Interview dated 31st mai 2011 by Ohsawa Yuri, from the program: YUYUWIDE

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Presentation of the artist Rolf W. Kunz including his music-track “Happy And Free”.

A summary of the japanese interview from 31. Mai 2011 on TBS Radio, Tokyo the most renowned radio broadcaster in Japan.

The narrator of the program “YUYUWIDE” Mr. Ohsawa Yuri introduced, together with his assistant, our music. They both found the recordings sympathetic and pleasant. They tried guessing my age and philosophised over who in Switzerland could produce such timeless, and for today, seldom heard piano and orchestra music – all of this together with Claus-Dieter Zimmer, a german arranger, living in Australia, who composed the music together with me.

In the middle of their music introductions, the two japanese music editors of the “YUYUWIDE” played our title “Happy & Free”.

The two charming moderators valued our music as being pleasant, light, valuable and even a little bit “japanese”. Ohsawa Yuri, together with his assistant came to the conclusion, that our newly composed and recorded music for piano and large orchestra could be ideally used for both TV and cinema film music.